Saturday, April 15, 2017

Common Issues with Garage Doors and Solutions

Your garage door may suddenly have problems when operating. The problems vary and are often easy to tackle. For the repairs and adjustments that appear tough to handle, consult the manual or hiring for garage door repair services. This article explains the common problems that may cause your garage door to stop working.

Squeaking as the door opens: the hinges or springs of your door may squeak when it is being opened. This is common for the door because it is used daily. Before you think of contacting a professional technician, spray a lubricant on the door (at the hinges and springs). Ensure to use a lubricant that is specified for garage doors.

Rust spots at the bottom of the garage: this often occurs during winter when salt is used to melt ice. The door may also have been affected by a chemical splatter during a driveway cleaning. In this case, you need to remove the debris from your garage door by cleaning it thoroughly using water and soap.

Black residue: your garage door can be filled with black marks on its exterior. These marks are brought by the coated oil on the torsion springs. These require an annual washing of the entire door to remove the marks.

Failure to open using the wall switch or remote: several issues may cause this problem. First of all, consider replacing the remote batteries. The other cause may be the wrong positioning of the safety photo eyes of the door opener or breakage of spring. For this, consult a professional technician. Also, confirm that the motor unit has been correctly plugged in.

A rough opening: at times the door may not open smoothly but with a noisy and jerky motion. This happens when the garage door or its opener is not well-maintained. You need to consult a garage door professional for a check-up.

A frayed cable: when this happens, door owners usually try to adjust or repair the springs. This is not advisable since a serious injury can result from high spring tension. Consider hiring a professional in garage door repair services.

Problems with closing: the door may not close to the end or open immediately after closing. In this situation, the first step is to check for any substance that might be blocking bottom sensors of the garage door. The door might also be hitting something causing it reverse; remove all obstructions. Sometimes the garage door lights flash when it doesn’t close properly. Check on the pattern that the light flashes. It can be an indicator of the problem. Confirm the meaning of the pattern in the manual. Make the adjustments then test the door. If it’s still experiencing problems, try to open it manually after disconnecting the opener.

The motor keeps running: sometimes the motor won’t stop running. This calls for adjusting of your limit switch. This can be done well by the garage door repair services. You may also need to check your manual for additional steps of troubleshooting.

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