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Englewood Garage Door Repair: Sectioned Garage Door vs Solid Garage Door

There are so many different options when it comes to making a decision as to which garage door is best for you. The thing is, everyone has different preferences, needs and wants. In Englewood, CO, locals have the option of getting on the phone with Englewood Garage Door Repair for help in choosing the best options for them. Because this team of experts gets so many questions regarding the differences between solid garage doors and sectioned garage doors, they have put together some pros and cons that anyone could look into. These might help you to make the best possible decision if you are currently in the process of choosing a new garage door for your property, regardless of where you live. First, we will go over sectioned garage doors. This type of door is also referred to as a sectional garage door. This should help you out before spending your hard-earned money on something that might be subpar to your taste.

The benefits of sectional garage doors

A sectional garage door tends to have to work well in two foot segments. Numerous panels need to pull off to be put together properly. For some property owners, this is a deal breaker in itself, but for others, they like how it looks overall. The fact that there are numerous panels can also be good in the event that damage occurs. One panel might need to be replaced, versus an entire garage door.

Sectional garage doors are very safe, and perhaps even safer in comparison to single panel garage doors. Why? Well, single panel garage doors use extension springs to operate, which can fail to work correctly if they are not maintained properly, and when they fail to work correctly they can snap or fly off their connectors. You might not think a little spring can do much damage, but the fact is, they have indeed gone through drywall and caused damage to car windows. With that amount of strength, you can only imagine the damage which would occur if an extension spring were to hit a person.

Another pro of a sectional garage door is that it fares well in harsh weather conditions. If any damage occurs to the garage door, it might only impact one section. On the other hand, a solid garage door might end up with a huge dent in the door or other damage which impacts the entire garage door.

An additional pro of a sectional garage door is that you can get better space with it. What is meant by this is that a single panel garage door has to tilt and it needs the space to do this, so while the garage door is opening, it could end up being problematic for you if you have spacing requirements or limitations.

The benefits of solid garage doors

Now that you know some of the pros to having a sectioned garage door, we will discuss some of the pros to having a solid garage door. A solid garage door might also be referred to as a swing garage door, up and over garage door or even a one piece. You might also see this type of garage door referred to as a single panel garage door. This type of garage door is great for those who are on a tight budget, as they are cost-efficient. You might find that getting a solid garage door is less expensive than getting any other kind of garage door, depending on the style and material that you are going with. Another pro is that with a solid garage door, you have a wide range of options in terms of finishes and materials. Finally, this type of garage door is easy to open manually, if need be. That’s because its design is very well balanced.

The cons of single panel garage doors

Now let’s get into some of the cons of these different types of garage doors. As mentioned earlier, sectional garage doors are able to better withstand harsh weather conditions. A single panel garage door is less durable. Also, single panel garage doors come with the risks associated with using extension springs to operate. No one wants to have to deal with personal injury or property damage because an extension spring has snapped. It is important to ensure the springs are maintained properly for safety. Finally, this type of garage door will have to swing out to open, which can end up being dangerous if you have small children or if you happened to park too close to your single panel garage door.

The cons of sectional garage doors

There are also some downfalls to owning a sectional garage door, depending on who you might ask. One of the biggest complaints about sectional garage doors is that they are expensive. When you are looking into customizations, you might find that you are spending too much money. If money isn’t an issue, however, then this won’t be a problem. A sectioned garage door can also get dirtier than other kinds, as dirt and debris can get trapped in the panels. It can also get stuck while opening or closing if the panels or sections aren’t in sync with one another. As long as you are willing to keep your garage door maintained, you shouldn’t have many problems, if any at all. If you have an expert that you like, you can schedule regular inspections or have them come out at the first sign of a problem.

Remember, what is a downfall to one person might be viewed as a benefit to another person. Be sure to talk with an expert in your area. If you are in Englewood, CO, give the team at Englewood Garage Door Repair a call to discuss options. If you don’t live in this part of the country, call an expert in your local area to discuss the differences between the various types of garage doors. Pick the best one for you and your needs!

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