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When you are shopping for a garage door, you will soon discover that there are a good number of options ~ an endless list of size, shape, style, and material combinations. By and large, we don’t think much about it, but the garage door plays a major part in the overall look of your property. The fact is, an unsightly garage door will make your property look rundown, and the curb appeal and value will decrease. Therefore, it is important to have a stellar-quality garage door that’s resilient and solid. When it’s time to purchase a new garage door, you’ll want to achieve the ideal combination of price, attractiveness, toughness, and acceptable maintenance requirements.

Electric Garage Doors


Convenience. The handiness of a remote control is the main reason most folks want to have an automatic garage door. This highly desirable selling point means that you can open or close your garage door without getting out of your vehicle. It’s also very convenient to have a push-button control for the garage door also, normally inside your garage. Either way, someone inside the garage should always be capable of opening the garage door. You ought to keep one remote control permanently inside your automobile, and keep aside a second remote control in case you lose your regular remote.

Aesthetics. The good news is, an automatic garage door does not have to look like it’s electric. It really doesn’t need to appear any different from a manual garage door. Basically, an electric garage door doesn’t have to look modern to be modern. You can select any garage door material or style, including steel, Fiberglas, aluminum, wood, or wood composite, in raised panels or long panels.

Options. With an electric automatic garage door, you’re able to adjust the speed that your garage door opens and shuts. You can make your garage door suit your style.

Safety. An automatic garage door is generally safer than a manual garage door. It will automatically stop when it detects that there are any objects blocking the way ~ such as a garbage can, box, bicycle, or toy ~ so that it won’t smash into them. Your garage door will be better protected, instead of getting damaged by touching any objects in its path.

Moreover, an automatic garage door typically also has a manual locking and unlocking mechanism. This works as an effective fail-safe for safety and maintenance reasons. For example, in case of a fire, you might have to open the garage door to escape your home. Furthermore, if a power failure happens, you’ll be able to operate the garage door by hand.


Complicated installation. You can have an entirely new garage door put in, or you can convert your manual door into an electric garage door. The main trouble with an automatic electric garage door is that its installation is more difficult, and thus it must be carried out by a professional garage door technician.

If you are brave enough to install the garage door yourself, it’s going to take a lot of effort. But please, don’t attempt to install an electric automatic garage door by yourself unless you’re sure you know exactly what you’re doing.

Maintenance. The maintenance requirements of an automatic garage door are a bit more complex than those for a manual garage door; but overall, an electric garage door is sturdy and reliable. There are numerous kinds of automatic garage doors, so before you choose, find out about the maintenance routine needed.

It’s vital to keep an automatic garage door well-lubricated in order to prolong its life, ensuring that the door will operate smoothly and quietly for as long as possible. It’s best to schedule an annual inspection with a reputable garage door company.

Manual Garage Doors


Easy installation. A single-panel garage door is a solid slab, which slides up and into the area above your car when it’s opened. It’s also known as a “one-piece-up” or an “up-and-over” garage door. There are only a few parts, and therefore it’s easier to install. Most single-panel garage doors are hung on a durable hinge system attached to the jam. Once this type of garage door is fitted with springs, it swings easily, and a garage door opener is not even needed.

Lower cost. A single-panel garage door is often less expensive than an automatic garage door. If you ever need to repair or replace the cables or torsion springs, your cost will also probably be lower.

Simplicity. With fewer parts, there is much less to maintain and fewer items that could potentially break over time.

DIY. If you have an older home, a single-panel garage door is perfect because it will be relatively effortless for you to complement its traditional style. If you ever desire to retrofit the garage door hardware that you already have, a single-panel door is a less problematic choice.


Safety. A single-panel garage door has extension springs, which, when it malfunctions, can be hazardous. If not correctly maintained, the springs can actually go straight through a wall! They can cause serious injury and even be deadly.

Maintenance. When a single-panel garage door fails, it usually fails completely, and the entire garage door can come down.

Space limitations. If space is at a premium in your closely packed neighborhood, you may feel cramped. Extra area in the driveway is required for your single-panel garage door to tilt up and down, so each time you open or close your garage door, you’ll have to park further back.

To choose the garage door that’s right for you, there are a great deal of factors to consider. It all depends on your property; your garage’s uses; as well as your budget, taste, and specific requirements. It’s best to call an expert. If you’re anywhere in Englewood, Colorado, choose a legitimate staff mobile professional from a trustworthy garage door company, such as Englewood Garage Door Repair, where free consultations are available.

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